Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dining Out #2: Café Presse

The BF and I have decided to rediscover the neighborhood we live in. After 5+ years in the First Hill/Capitol Hill area of Seattle, we've yet to discover some of the fabulous local eateries that are just a few blocks from home.

Last weekend, on a beautifully sunny Saturday, we walked to Café Presse for a late lunch. This casual French café is a place definitely worth visiting. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with exposed brick wall and wood-paneled ceilings. The menu is simple, and is a great introduction to French cuisine for those that might be a bit intimated.

Even though I've never been to Paris, it's the kind of place I imagine the French would linger, read a magazine and sip some coffee.

The coffee alone is worth a visit. In fact, I savored my cappucino so much, I offended the BF because I inadvertently didn't hear what he was saying to me at the time I was sipping my extremely delicious beverage. Fortunately he's as much of a caffeine addict as I am (actually more so), so he understood my experience with the coffee and forgave me.

We ordered two courses. The first: I had the roasted beet salad tossed with fresh greens, pear, and bleu cheese in a pear vinaigrette. The BF had the croqué monsieur, which is a baked ham, gruyere, and béchamel sandwich.

The second: we both had the French onion soup, which was broiled with the classic crouton and gruyere on top.

Everything was so delicious. Leave it to the French to prepare simple ingredients and escalate it to a whole other level of deliciousness.

After six cups or so of coffee between us and paying the bill (which was very reasonably priced), we left completely happy, knowing full well that we'll definitely be back to Café Presse.

Paris has a reputation for romance. Café Presse is making us fall in love with our neighborhood all over again.

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  1. This cafe sounds amazing... I want to go there the next time I'm in town!!! I would love to have the coffee and a bowl of onion soup!