Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Aren't weekend brunches nice? Here's my Eggs Benedict with Chive Hollandaise and Roasted Asparagus, served with Garlic & Rosemary Roasted Red Potatoes on the side:

The canadian bacon and toasted english muffin are hiding under there somewhere.

Asparagus isn't a traditional ingredient in eggs benedict, but I wanted something green in the dish. And it was on sale! I figured, why not add it here, since hollandaise is a classic sauce that goes with asparagus anyway. It was a good choice. It added texture, crunch, and what I like to think is some good nutrition to help make up for that rich, buttery hollandaise.

Speaking of hollandaise, what a treat! Simple egg yolks and butter combine to create the most luxuriously creamy sauce that simply elevates a dish like this to another level. I added fresh chives from the garden to give it a little extra herbalicious flavor.

And those potatoes! They're the perfect side to have with this so they can mop up any extra hollandaise that may have spilled off those perfectly poached eggs.

It's a perfect brunch dish to get the weekend started off right. With coffee, of course.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dining Out #4: VooDoo Doughnuts

Well, I don't think going out for doughnuts really qualifies as "dining out," but I suppose that could be debatable.

The BF and I decided to try out the infamous VooDoo Doughnut while we were on one of our many trips to Portland, Oregon. I've seen the establishment featured on many forms of media. I believe it's this publicity that has skyrocketed VooDoo to extreme popularity.

I asked a few Portland-native friends: Is the doughnut worth the wait in line?

The answer was a resounding yes.

So we went on a Saturday afternoon at about 5pm. The line wrapped around the block. And yes, we walked around the block to wait at the end of the line. And just how long did we wait in that line until it was finally our turn to purchase their prized doughnut?

Over two hours (drop your jaw here).

Waiting in that line was like waiting in line for a ride at Disneyland. We were impatient and excited to get to the front to see what kind of thrill was waiting for us. While waiting, many people passed and asked, "Are these people really waiting for doughnuts?" or exclaimed "Really? It's just a doughnut!" I thought, yeah, this is insane. We're waiting for hours for a doughnut.

But we had made it that far; we weren't going to abandon the line. We waited. And waited. We watched dozens of people leave with their dozens of donuts.

And then it happened! We finally made it through the door and to the front of the line, and the scent of freshly made donuts welcomed us.

There was a lone employee working the register and dishing up the donuts into their waiting boxes. Before she even said hello to us, she said "What we have left is what you see in the revolving case. We're sold out of all others." What a disappointment! But at least they weren't completely sold out.

Fortunately there were a few tasty-looking ones left. We ordered four different doughnuts. Here they are:

The two on the left are standard glazed, one with Fruit Loops and one with Cap'n Crunch cereal. The upper right is chocolate glazed with crushed Oreo cookies and drizzled with peanut butter. And that one on the lower right? Yup, a BACON maple bar. I was excited to try this one the most. And surprisingly, it didn't live up to my expectations. Maybe if it was freshly made, the bacon still warm and crispy, it's be fantastic. Alas, the bacon was cold and a little soggy. It was still good, just not wait-in-line-for-two-hours good.

Overall, I'm glad we had the experience. Would we go back? Yes, as long as we didn't have to wait in line.

In the meantime, we'll be going to our local Top Pot Doughnuts in Seattle, which in our opinion, is the Best. Doughnut. Ever.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mmm, Coffee

Even my 30th Anniversary Starbucks Bear appreciates a fine cup of freshly pressed coffee on an early morning:

Who doesn't?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Herb-Baked Eggs

Here's a simple breakfast recipe that's elegant enough to serve to company (should you choose to have company over in the wee hours of the morning). Hmm, I suppose it would make a lovely brunch, or even dinner if you add a nice salad to accompany it.

It's herb-baked eggs!

It contains simple ingredients that when married together, create a savory, creamy, satisfying dish that helps you get ready for the day.

I found this recipe on Food Network's website, courtesy of Ina Garten (I'm such a big fan of hers). The recipe is here. I left out the parsley as I didn't have any on hand, and it was still delicious. And the toast is necessary here to mop up the soft yolks. Yum!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dining Out #3: The Best Biscuit

What makes this biscuit the best?

Why it has bacon baked right in, of course!

And cheddar cheese. But really, it's the bacon that's the star here (as it should be). What could be better than bacon and cheddar baked into a buttery, flaky dough?

This is from World Cup Coffee & Tea, the little café in Powell's City of Books, in Portland Oregon. Not only do they have great pastries and such, they pour a great cup of coffee, too.

And don't forget to order the bacon biscuit. It's worth it. And it will give you the energy to peruse the three floors of books at Powell's.

It's a great way to spend a day!