Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Everything Should Taste Like Bacon"

Ahh, bacon. I don't know a carnivore who doesn't love bacon. And what's a carnivore to do when there isn't any bacon in the fridge (if such a travesty should occur)? Why, open up the pantry and find J&D's Bacon Salt!

It's actually 100% vegetarian, but tastes a 100% like the bacon we love. It's love in a jar. And what do I do with love in a jar? I sprinkle it on chicken, baked potatoes, salads, creamy tomato soups, potato soups, and:

Bacon deviled eggs! These aren't your momma's deviled eggs. These are loaded with Bacon Salt, Baconnaise (for extra bacon goodness), horseradish, paprika, and a few splashes of hot sauce (for extra kick).

I've made them countless times now and they're always a hit. Do you know why? Because almost everyone I know loves bacon, and everything should taste like it. Thanks to Bacon Salt and Baconnaise, everything can. Look for it at your local grocery. I highly recommend it.

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  1. It's also a powerful tool for deprogramming vegetarians.