Friday, August 20, 2010

Thanks for Growing, Mint!

I've been waiting for the mint in the garden to grow for some time now.

Then, one sunny weekend, I noticed this:

Yay! There's plenty to make mojitos (and then some), my favorite summertime beverage for lounging around on the rooftop deck.

On a hot, sunny day, there's nothing like a little lime, sugar and mint all muddled together in a glass full of ice and club soda (granted, hot sunny days are pretty few and far between here in Seattle, but I'll take what we get) .

So refreshing!

Now what do I do with the rest of that mint?


  1. Wait... aren't you forgetting something? Ice, Mint, Lime, Sugar, Club soda, and...???

  2. Oh, silly me! How could I forget the RUM! Obviously one can't forget the rum. I must have left that critical bit of information out because it didn't need to be spoken. ;)